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Myrtle Beach Safari

Realistic illustration of Myrtle Beach Safari The Myrtle Beach Safari is truly a one of a kind attraction. The sanctuary is an accumulation of 50 acres where the wild animals live year-round. The exact location is disclosed to protect the animal’s safety but it’s approximately 17 min drive from South Bay Inn & Suites.

Myrtle Beach Safari Animals 

Myrtle Beach Safari takes care of many different types of exotic animals. Some of the animals that you could see on the reserve are; Ramses the Cheetah, Bubbles the 9,000lb Elephant, Ahren the African Fish Eagle, Hercules the Liger, Stripes the Bengal cub, the Chimpanzees, and the Gibbons (smaller apes). All of the animals listed above are available to see at their Myrtle Beach safari locations.  

Myrtle Beach Safari Tours 

Visitors have the option to choose from 4 different tours at the Myrtle Beach locations. 

  • The Preservation Station at Barefoot Landing is a satellite location, away from the 50-acre preserve, that offers a free tour to see the rare adult and baby tigers. No photos are allowed at any of the tours/locations, but visitors do have the option to buy a photo with the tigers. All photo proceeds help support the Rare Species Fund and include a 50$ discount to the other tour options.
  • The Wild Encounters Tour is a 3-hour daytime safari that explores the whole reservation and all of the animals. The tour begins at 10:00 am, but visitors must arrive at 9:00 am, and usually leave the preserve at 1:30.    
  • Their newest tour is the Night Safari Tour, which you guessed it, is a night tour of the preserve totaling to 3 hours. Visitors must arrive by 6:30 pm (spring/fall) & 7:30 (summer), and includes dinner plus the opportunity to safely feed the big cats. 
  • The last tour option is the Swim with the Animals Private Encounters Tour. This tour is the most exclusive experience which allows visitors to swim with tiger cubs, the 9,000lb elephant, or both for a higher price. 

The Wild Encounters Tour, the Night Safari Tour, and the Swim with the Animals Private Encounters Tour are only available by reservation. Visitors should schedule their tour a week in advance to assure that the tour can accommodate your preferences. In addition, prices are very dependant on the type of tour and amount of guests so we recommend looking at the pricing before you book.

South Bay inn & Suites welcomes all Myrtle Beach safari-goers, with a convenient location to both of the Myrtle Beach Safari locations. Book now to enjoy South Bay’s amenities and the excitement of the Myrtle Beach Safari.